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Domestic electrical contractor in Watford

Covering all aspects of domestic electrical services throughout Watford.

At Garry Fenton Electrical Ltd, we specialise in performing a range of electrical services throughout Watford. Whether your domestic property is a new build, or an existing structure, Garry Fenton Electrical Ltd has the experience to exceed all of your expectations whatever the electrical project.

RCD Installations  - A Residual Current Device (RCD), is a device that can be installed and works to prevent any electrical hazards caused by damaged wiring. An RCD automatically switches off the electricity if there is a fault, stopping any potential electrocutions. For example, if you were hoovering your home and accidently run over and damage your wire, the RCD will stop the electricity to the hoover in order to make sure that you do not electrocute yourself. It can also help prevent electrical fires.

Fault Finding  - Has the electricity in your home ever switched off for a reason that you are not sure of? Then you need a professional electrician to visit your home in order to identify what the issue is and fix it. At Garry Fenton Electrical Ltd, we have been identifying and rectifying electrical faults for many years. Upon arriving at your property, we will check your fuse board and wiring to ascertain the problem.

Covering all aspects of domestic electrical services throughout Watford.

Rewires  - Having a rewire is vital to maintaining the safety of the electrical appliances in your home. The wiring in your home can become damaged for a number of reasons from a poor original setup to general wear and tear. If the wiring is damaged then it can struggle to carry the required voltage to each appliance, which in turn can turn into a potential fire hazard. This is particularly relevant if you have moved into an old property as there is a chance that it will not have had a rewire - or at the very least a check-up - for several years. At Garry Fenton Electrical Ltd we can rewire your entire home and make sure that it is electrically safe.

Whilst a full rewire sounds like the sort of job that would require your home to be pulled apart in order to install the new wires, at Garry Fenton Electrical Ltd we can complete any rewiring work, even if it seems like a big job, we will take care to make sure that any mess is minimal. Additionally, we always make sure that any mess is cleared away and that there is as little interruption to your daily routine as possible.

For more information, please visit Electrical Safety First  this is a vital reference tool provided for practicing electricians and the general public. For domestic installation please open Best Practice Guide 4.

For a professional and experienced electricians in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas who are fully committed to the latest legislation relating to Electrical Systems, look no further than Garry Fenton Electrical Ltd. Give us a call today on 01923 728662, or visit our contact page and leave us a message.

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